A structure is only as strong as the foundation on which it stands.

Some of the most challenging industries in the world look to CMS to provide that foundation. Challenges are our business, innovation our tools – the bigger the challenge, the more you need us. From energy producers to the military, from the frozen arctic tundra of Alaska to the searing heat of the deserts of the middle-east, whatever you need, no matter what frontier you work on, we can help overcome it with soil stabilization solutions and custom mats that create environmentally conscious foundations and approaches to ease access to the toughest places in the world.

As a company built on innovation, we boast a unique culture: our business is finding the right foundation and matting solutions to problems. We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” fixes, our dedication to innovation compels us to always find the right fit for every customer. This dedication is the reason we champion our R&D program and why we hold patents to a great number of products that are designed with one thing in mind: creating the right foundation and matting solution for every job. Along with advanced soil stabilization solutions, we offer sophisticated mat systems in wood, steel, HDPP, and FRP composite iterations, optimized for bearing capacities, interlocking or transport requirements.  Our product iterations encompass rig support, pipelines, bridges, crane needs, transmission towers, wind power construction, event requirements and more.

Welcome to matsystems


Our ongoing commitment to innovation and the communities where we operate means there is always something happening at CMS.


Take a look through our gallery of case studies to see great examples of how CMS has collaborated with its clients to create the right solution.


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