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FRP Rig Mats

Higher in bearing capacities and lighter in weight than our conventional rig mats in the product spectrum, Fiberglass Resin Polymer Rig Mats are a CMS solution designed to provide unmatched performance in the market.

Through years of innovation, we now offer the optimum solution to your greatest challenges . Every physical characteristic from bearing capacity, weight, anti-slip, conductivity, fire resistance, dimensions and color can be adapted. Our FRP mats go where no other type of mat will perform and are designed and manufactured in house by CMS so you can be assured of their quality. FRP composite mats are ideal for the toughest job sites including large extreme-weight mobile drilling rigs, large construction projects, extreme weather and operating conditions, mining, and forestry.


Our FRP Rig Mats meet the following qualifications:

  • D-2794 for impact resistance from falling objects.

  • D-1894 for sufficient coefficient of friction in wet and dry environments.

  • D-3450 for washing and easy clean-up.

  • Every batch of AST Anti-Slip Coating is tested before shipment at the military certified plant to ensure the highest level of quality control, and the mats are rated at COF WET – 0.93, COF DRY – 0.88.


Customization Options 

At CMS, our engineered products can be customized to suit your specific applications. From weight-bearing capacity, sizing and variations of interlocking systems, we have a solution for you and your industry.



Durability & Load Capacity 

Not all matting solutions are made equal, and our composite rig mats are engineered to meet load-bearing capacity, and weight requirements while taking into account the soil conditions it will be used on.




Environmental Conditions

We take into account how and where your composite rig mats will be used and customize them to fit the environment for optimal use and safety. With anti-slip, conductivity, and fire resistance options, you can bring us your toughest challenge.





Needing to maintain an aesthetic? Or simply have specific size requirements, our composite rig and construction mats can be customized to your dimensions, colour preference, or your branding and logo.

Product Specifications

  • Panel Size: Custom manufactured to meet project specifications

  • Panel Weight: 24.6 lbs/ sq. ft – 120.1 kg / sq. meter

  • Load Capacity: Up to 2000 psi* - Up to 288,000 psf*

    • *Static load, solid substrate. Varies depending on subsurface.

  • Operational Temperature Range: -50C to +50C (-58F to +122F)

  • Impact resistance from falling objects: D-2794

  • Anti-slip coefficient of friction in wet and dry environment: D-1894

  • Washing and easy clean-up: D-3450

  • Life Span: 20 years

  • Recyclable: Steel components are recyclable, FRP components are recyclable as suitable facility

  • Fluid control or containment within the confines of the product. Fluid overflow is possible. Secondary containment using a geo-textile is recommended.

  • Shipping Specifications - Super B 90,000lbs 15 mats – Hi-boy 48,000lbs 8 mats

  • Available with RFID Tracking Solutions

  • Deflection: Designed deflection range is designed with an intrinsic 7” deflection from tip to center when lifted. The fiberglass panel will fail at 100” deflection (Tip to Center). As the temperature increases there will be a marginal increase in the deflection

  • Spring weight restrictions may apply

  • Available with RFID


Have Questions?

Whatever your challenge, our team of experts can help you find the right matting solution for your operation.


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Why Composite Rig Mats from Canadian Mat Systems?

  • Superior performance under deteriorating or poor weight-bearing soil conditions allows access in the most extreme operational and environmental conditions

  • Full composite construction delivers high load capacity for extreme large-scale rigs and equipment

  • Long-term life cycle with an expected life span of +/- 20 years under normal operating conditions and reduces the overall cost of ownership

  • Non-absorptive corrosion-resistant surface provides protection from oil, grease, hydraulic fluid and saltwater

  • Anti-slip surface exceeds the strictest USDA, OSHA and ADA specifications and is quality control tested at a military certified plant prior to delivery to ensure safe working conditions for employees and equipment

  • Fire resistant - class 2 flame retardant

  • Available in custom colours with corporate branding and logos

  • UV resistant


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Mat Cleaning and Decontamination

When moving matting systems between different geographies, each transportation must meet specific government regulations around safety and the environment.

Our specialized equipment and professional team will thoroughly clean, repair, and decontaminate all of our mats to ensure that there are no non-native species hitchhiking into the communities we work in and your mats are ready to perform in their new location.

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Mat Rentals

Canadian Mat Systems offers our complete range of purpose-built mats and support solutions for rent. Our inventory management and RFID tracking solutions ensure accurate, auditable pinpoint tracking and reporting of every mat deployed on every site in any location. This process

delivers significant advantages including improved asset utilization, lower deployment costs, reduced liability and better decision making by field and office staff.

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Logistics & Installation

Whatever product you choose, we can provide transport solutions to ensure comprehensive and safe passage to the worksite.

Our end-to-end outlook means getting your materials to site on-time and on-budget. We are able to place and remove all of our mats in a time and cost-effective manner that is safe and minimizes the environmental impact.


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