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Petro Papua Energy Indonesia.


Provide high-capacity non-conventional rig mats for use in tropical, environmentally sensitive, low-weight bearing soil conditions.


Our goal was to provide a lightweight, high-capacity solution for rig matting. As the cost of shipping was a concern, the weight of the finished product was essential. Simultaneously, the area the foundational rig mats would be used in was moist and humid, meaning our foundational mats had to be resistant to rot, delamination, and pest-deterioration while maintaining maximum load-bearing capacity for longevity.


Panel size was custom designed and manufactured to meet project specifications.  

  • Panel Weight: 24.6 lbs/ sq. ft – 120.1 kg / sq. meter  
  • Load Capacity: Up to 2000 psi* - Up to 288,000 psf* *Static load, solid substrate. Varies depending on the subsurface.  
  • Operational Temperature Range: -50C to +50C (-58F to +122F)  
  • Impact resistance from falling objects: D-2794 • Anti-slip coefficient of friction in wet and dry environments: D-1894
  • Washing and easy clean-up: D-3450
  • Life Span: 20 years
  • Recyclable: Steel components are recyclable, FRP components are recyclable at a suitable facility
  • Fluid control or containment within the confines of the product. Fluid overflow is possible. Secondary containment using a geo-textile is recommended.
  • Shipping Specifications - Super B 90,000lbs 15 mats – Hi-boy 48,000lbs 8 mats
  • Available with RFID Tracking Solutions
  • Deflection: Designed deflection range is designed with an intrinsic 7” deflection from tip to center.


To protect the tropical environment, we designed, engineered, manufactured, and provided international transportation.


May 2011

Area Covered
1100 m2.

Layout Time



We devised a solution for this project with a custom steel-framed composite rig mat. These composite mats are higher in weight-bearing capacities and lighter in weight than conventional rig mats in the product spectrum. FRP mats are an ideal solution for a high moisture location like this as it is rot resistant, anti-slip, non-absorbant, and lightweight to protect the ground.



If you’re looking for ground protection mats in an environmentally sensitive area, our team of experts can help manufacture the right solution for your operation.



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