Five Ways CMS Matting Helps Protect the Environment

We’re able to mitigate the environmental impact of every project by applying the right matting solution and managing the project to the highest standards.

1.      Selecting the Right Mat for the Project

CMS manufactures and distributes a wide spectrum of products designed to work together or independently to provide the most environmentally friendly solution for temporary foundation challenges. Depending on the soil type and condition, CMS will recommend multi-ply wooden mats, high density polypropylene mats, composite mats or steel frame rig mats to reduce the environmental impact.


2.      Transportation

We understand the importance of reducing green house gas emissions.  On every project, we analyze the logistics and deliver a transportation solution with the lowest possible GHG emissions.


3.      Installation & Demobilisation

Proper mat installation & demobilisation is critical in effectively protecting the environment.  On every project, we engage our team of experts are who are skilled at the process of moving mats to ensure the lowest possible impact on the environment we are working.


4.      Inventory Tracking

On many projects, due to soil conditions, matting can drop below the surface level and become hidden to the field crews.  We accurately track all our inventory on every project and every site to ensure no matting is left behind once the project is completed.


5.      Mat Cleaning & End of Life Disposal

Our knowledgeable staff thoroughly cleans and decontaminates all of our matting products to meet environmental regulatory requirements. We are focused on eliminating the transfer of invasive species and ensuring our mats never contaminate the environmental areas in which they are placed.   When our products are at the end of life, we recycle where possible and properly dispose of all remaining materials.

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