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Multi-Ply Wooden Access Mats

Multi-Ply Wooden Access Mats are the lowest cost matting solution in our product assortment. This standard low-cost solution is available in a variety of designs and material configurations delivering variations in bearing capacity and life costs. CMS has extensive experience in all material and design configurations and will provide the highest quality mats and most cost-effective solution to meet your project requirements, whether you’re looking for construction mats or a temporary road.

Wood Mat Advantages 

  • Low cost, allowing for reduced project costs

  • Excellent load capacity for a variety of access weight requirements

  • Interlocking and non-interlocking mat systems available

  • Extremely durable with a long lifespan

  • Easy maintenance


Traditional multi-ply wood access mats provide enhanced strength and stiffness. Our broad inventory includes fir mats, hybrid fir mats, and oak mats, which are ideal for temporary roads used in a number of applications:

  • Pipeline Projects

  • Utility Projects

  • Drilling Rigs 

  • Construction Mat Projects

  • Forestry

Access Mat Options

Fir mats

  • Interlocking and non-interlocking available

  • High Quality White Fir

Hybrid fir mats

  • Interlocking and non-interlocking available

  • High Quality White Fir

  • Oak outer-lining to add durability

Oak mats

  • Most durable wood for matting

  • Long lifespan (4-7 years, depending on service application)

  • Easy maintenance

Product Specifications

  • Wood – Fir, Oak & Hybrid

  • Standard Panel Sizes: 8’ x 14’ (L x W)

  • Panel Area: 112 sq. ft

  • Panel Weight:

  • Fir: 16-18 lbs / sq. ft › Oak: 23-25 lbs / sq. ft › Hybrid: 18-20 lbs / sq. ft

  • Load Capacity: Up to 300 psi* - Up to 43,200 psf*

*Static load, solid substrate. Varies depending on subsurface.

  • Operational Temperature Range: -50C to +50C (-58F to +122F)

  • Life Span: 1-3 years

  • Recyclable: Partially - steel components are recyclable

  • No Fluid Control or Containment

  • Shipping Specifications - Super B 90,000lbs 20’ 48-50

new mats – Hi-boy 48,000lbs 20’ 26-28 new mats

  • Available with RFID Tracking Solutions


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Why Wood Access Mats from Canadian Mat Systems?

Trusted for over 20 years, CMS is an industry leading innovator and supplier of mat and foundation technologies to virtually all business sectors in Canada and around the globe. We provide access and foundation solutions to a wide range of industry sectors in some of the most challenging and environmentally sensitive areas of the world. From energy producers to the military, from the frozen tundra of the Artic to the searing heat of the deserts in the Middle East, we deliver innovative, environmentally conscious solutions for our valued customers. No challenge is too demanding - our dedication to innovation compels us to find the right solution for every customer.

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Mat Cleaning and Decontamination

When moving matting systems between different geographies, each transportation must meet specific government regulations around safety and the environment.

Our specialized equipment and professional team will thoroughly clean, repair, and decontaminate all of our mats to ensure that there are no non-native species hitchhiking into the communities we work in and your mats are ready to perform in their new location.

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Mat Rentals

Canadian Mat Systems offers our complete range of purpose-built mats and support solutions for rent. Our inventory management and RFID tracking solutions ensure accurate, auditable pinpoint tracking and reporting of every mat deployed on every site in any location. This process

delivers significant advantages including improved asset utilization, lower deployment costs, reduced liability and better decision making by field and office staff.

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Logistics & Installation

Whatever product you choose, we can provide transport solutions to ensure comprehensive and safe passage to the worksite.

Our end-to-end outlook means getting your materials to site on-time and on-budget. We are able to place and remove all of our mats in a time and cost-effective manner that is safe and minimizes the environmental impact.


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