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FRP Composite Raised Drill Platform

We keep our finger on the pulse of our industry’s needs, so we understand the environmental and logistical challenges remote drilling operations face in areas with low weight bearing soils and other environmental sensitivities.

In light of this we collaborated with Composite Advantage’s (CA) and their composite vehicle bridge technology and proprietary molding methods to develop the oil and gas industry’s first Fiber Reinforced Polymer Raised Drill Platform (patent pending).

The composite Raised Drill Platform expands operations beyond seasonal limitations such as the winter season when the ground is covered by a solid layer of snow and ice. Drilling can be performed just as easily during spring where thawing leaves mud and water on the ground. The innovative design results in a light panel (20lbs/sq. ft.) that can be shipped to remote locations at minimal cost. Though perhaps its most impressive feature is the ability to be able to quickly remove any panel from the platform to create an opening for drill operation as drilling locations are identified.

As with everything we do, safety is at the forefront of all our innovations, and the FRP Raised Drill Platform is no exception. Complete with a non-slip surface and railing solutions to protect pedestrians and vehicles alike, there are also containment systems for spillage or waste, static dissipative, cross slopes for rain run-off, and different level of flame retardant depending on the needs’ of the project.

As innovation goes, this is one that makes us really proud. Allowing our partners to operate safely, responsibly, and efficiently.

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