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Modular Rig Mat

The nature of our industry called for a matting system that is easily transportable, has efficient construction times, and provides a safe working environment. It is with this in mind that we developed our own modular rig mat.

Our novel system combines the proven wide flange beam and wood design rig mat with the (patents pending) C-Lock Interlocking System.
The mat consists of a wide flange structural beam “three rail” welded frame with grade two or better spruce or pine wood members inserted into the quadrants. The C-Lock Interlocking System is a combination of semi-circular high tensile steel shapes that are reciprocally located at each end of the mat. The unique shapes each act as one half of a design that when interfaced creates a concentric semi-circular hinge style locking unit.

This design provides for a positive connection between mats accommodating variable surfaces without disconnecting or creating an uneven interface.

The C-Lock Interlocking System disperses loads amongst all mats in the layout. The curved shape of the locking mechanism resists jamming from ice, mud, and other debris build up, and therefore can be used in the most difficult environments. There is no extra hardware required for the locking mechanism making layout and retrieval of the mat system quick and efficient.

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