Our ongoing commitment to innovation and the communities where we operate means there is always something happening at CMS. See below for the latest stories, projects and news.

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Take a look through our gallery of case studies to see great examples of how CMS has collaborated with its clients to create the right solution.

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The way we operate means collaboration is essential. We work together with our customers to find the right solution to their challenges. See what our partners have to say about us:

We picked CMS as a JVP because they are on the bleeding edge of the industry, expanding globally, a partner that is going to be here for the long term and can help us meet our objectives.

CMS is Expertise, Their products are well engineered, well tested and monitored – if they don’t build it they go in depth to ensure it’s the right product for the job – very knowledgeable – across all staff – from the sales, the guy laying the mat to engineering and manufacturing they are extremely professional.

The quality, knowledge of the mats is exceptional – when you ask for ratings they give you ratings – they do the work – service is next to none – They bend over backwards to get an order out on time – If an issue comes up….they will figure it out…Their pricing is competitive...

CMS, they stand behind their products and recommendations – They give accurate assessments – not a mom and pop shop – the real deal – a lot of guys back-yarding it – if it breaks - “yah we’ll get to you”, eventually – but not CMS – they are right there.

CMS has the expertise, well-engineered products, very knowledgeable team, from the onsite person to sales force and engineering, the whole systems is awesome.

CMS has a large diversity of product – oak, steel, composite –they are a strong ally and consistently deliver... something as simple as a mat failure can have a huge impact on production - we don’t have to worry with CMS.

Partner – that’s the key word – they go above and beyond – it’s ok to call them at home if you need them that’s the kind of partnership I am talking about – they are prepared to meet challenges that are not status quo – we had a situation where we needed to cover a space that was 8 feet in the air – CMS said give us 4 days – they engineered it specked it and gave us options – they have a proactive development team – they recognize the evolution of the industry – If they don’t have it - they will develop a patent – or make it.

CMS was one of the first to utilize a mechanical system for the deployment of matting– it gives you a greater return – minimizing time and money and that’s a good thing in this business.

We are all out there to capitalize. I see CMS giving time and resources to pay back to these communities. In sincerity, through training, education or cultural support which a lot of companies can give you lip service. Being from the north I have seen the take and run attitude, these guys are different.

CMS was the ideal partner they took a stance on corruption pretty publicly it cost them but their values aligned with ours, stable financially, good relationship personally…. We all sat in a room and found commonalities – integrity is the difference.

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