Helpful Tips when Researching the Right Matting Solution

Equipment loads and the mat bearing capacity to support the load activity

When researching mats, it is important to understand the loading activity that will occur on the mats.  Things to keep in mind:

·        the psi rated load for the equipment to be used on the mat

·        will the loads be concentrated or spread out?

·        will the loads include geometries that greatly concentrate the load over a very small area?

·        will the load include impacts in any direction with very high impulse energies and concentrations?

Operational and environmental conditions

The soil/sub-soil conditions can vary significantly. The goal is to transfer the load imposed on the mat to the underling soil/sub-soil in a suitable way as to maintain stability of the load and reduce damage to the underling soil/sub-soil from the load.  

Things to keep in mind:

·        the type of soil/sub-soil the mating will be placed on

·        is the soil/sub-soil inconsistent and demonstrate different properties with differing levels of compaction, modulus of subsoil reaction, and capacity

·        does the soil/sub-soil include sharp points where the mat load is concentrated

·        does the soil/sub-soil include voids where the mat is unsupported

·        the soil/sub-soil in the winter/spring may be solidly frozen and act like a unified mass

·        or it may be the late spring or early summer where the soil/sub-soil if fully defrosted, very wet, and acts like a wet sponge

Fluid control or containment

Fluid control and containment on the matting surface area can be critically important within the surface operating activity. Not all matting solutions provide surface fluid containment.

“The Right Matting Solution”

Trusted for over 20 years, Canadian Mat Systems is an industry leading innovator and supplier of mat and foundation solutions to virtually all sectors in Canada and around the globe. We provide matting solutions in some of the most challenging and environmentally sensitive areas of the world.  Whether you need access mats, rig mats, composite mats or high-density polypropylene mats we have the right matting solution to meet the varying demands of any project requirement.


Canadian Mat Systems offers the best in access, foundation and matting solutions.  We custom manufacture, rent, install and demobilize based on our customers needs.

We proudly serve the communities of Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grand Prairie, Fort St. John, Cold Lake, Edson, Hinton, Grand Cache, Drayton Valley, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat and their surrounding areas.

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