Our ongoing commitment to innovation and the communities where we operate means there is always something happening at CMS. See below for the latest stories, projects and news.

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Take a look through our gallery of case studies to see great examples of how CMS has collaborated with its clients to create the right solution.

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About Us

We are a leading manufacturer of temporary structural foundation panels commonly called “Mats”. These panels are used to support operational activity in areas of low weight bearing soil conditions.

Central to our way of thinking is innovation. As a result of a strong R&D program, we have developed patented products from conventional steel and wood rig mats to a variety of composite iterations, including the C-Lock Interlocking Mat System, and the first fully suspended Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite Raised Drilling Platform (RDP).

This commitment to innovation comes from what, as a company, drives us. Using our experience and expertise to create the right matting solution for every job.

We bring over 30 years of construction excellence and mats experience in oilfield access technologies and matting systems. For over 30 years we have partnered with our customers to create effective, safe operations; to make the communities we work in better; to minimize the impact on local cultures and the environment, and further innovation for the industry as a whole.

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