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Enivronmental Stewardship

We strive to be an environmental and community conscious business partner in the development of energy, globally. We are committed to protecting the land and reducing their carbon footprint, and we’re happy to offer guidance and stewardship. Techniques such as, utilizing a welding wire that is a minimal smoke emitting wire, sourcing all wood mats from sustainable, traceable forests, our mats are fully recyclable (ex-composite) and we have a recycle refund for those that cannot be recycled and provide a recovery charge (25 cents per foot of mat).

The environmental impact of a project is something we’re able to keenly mitigate against to apply the right matting solution. By pre-empting environmental needs we’re able to reduce concerns such as soil mixing; we’re also able to leverage our expertise and knowledge of sensitive native grasslands when developing a matting a solution.

The processes and solutions we now advocate have come from years of honing our craft to minimize our environmental footprint.

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