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Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club (1st Winter Classic)

Edmonton Oilers 25th Anniversary Outdoor Professional Hockey game.
Our goal was to protect the track and football field from any damage from the heavy operations that were required during the construction of the outdoor hockey rink.
To protect the ground we provided design, ground mat manufacturing, transportation, and installation of the temporary foundation.
Our team devised a solution using ground mats; specifically C-Lock Interlocking Mats.
Manufactured by CMS these mats are designed, engineered, and certified by our in house P.Eng. They interlock for straight-forward construction and are ideal for bearing weight to protect the ground and act as a temporary foundation with quick assembly and disassembly, making these ground mats ideal for temporary events for cities.

For this project, we utilized them as temporary foundation matting. They became our temporary roadway, building foundation, and operational and staging foundation. By doing so, we were able to protect the field and track and the project was successfully completed!

November 2006

Area Covered

Layout Time
8 hrs

If you’re looking for ground mats to serve as a temporary road or foundation, our team of experts can help you find the right solution for your operation.

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