The Foundation of Infrastructure

Mat Foundation Solutions

Some of the most challenging geographical locations in the world look to CMS to provide foundational matting solutions. From energy producers to the military, from Alaska to the deserts of the Middle East, we can provide optimum soil stabilization solutions. From access and rig mats, to FRP Composite mats, standard sizing to custom designed, we will meet your specifications and performance expectations.

Access Mats For Your Application

As an innovative company, we specialize in tailored foundation and matting solutions. No one-size-fits-all fixes here – our dedication to innovation drives us to find the perfect fit for each customer. This commitment fuels our R&D program and is the reason we hold numerous patented products, all designed to provide the right foundation and matting for any job.


Access Mats 

Standard sizing to custom-designed, rental or purchase, no job is too big or small.


Rig Mats | Oil & Gas 

The energy industry demands precision and resilience in every facet of its operations. Our rig mats serve as the foundation for drilling sites, refineries, and pipeline installations. We provide the highest weight bearing capacity, traction and stability in the most challenging terrains.


Construction Mats

Our construction mats provide an optimum platform, and performance, for heavy equipment.


Crane Mats 

To meet the needs of your project, we provide standardized sizing, or custom build to meet your specifications.


Outdoor Events | Municipalities

Protect landscapes, foundation for stages, seating, roadways and other event essentials. Our mats ensure that the ground is protected during your outdoor events while providing public safety and facilitating heavy machinery.


Airlift Composite Mats

Companies operating in the energy, pipeline, utilities, forestry, heavy construction mining and disaster relief will benefit from the lightweight progressive design. This advanced technology in our airlift mat solution will perform under the most challenging operational and environmental conditions anywhere in the world. Every physical characteristic from bearing capacity, weight, anti-slip, conductivity, fire resistance, dimensions and color can be adapted to meet client project specifications.

Reconfigurable Temporary Bridges


After 25 years working within the energy, pipeline, utilities, forestry, heavy construction mining and disaster relief sectors, CMS understands the diverse demands of your industry.

At CMS, we design, engineer, and manufacture our certified approved Magic beam pack. Using high-grade weathered steel, our patented design allows you to build to varied lengths, from 23.5 ft( 7.16 M) to 118.5 ft. (36.11m). We can design and build widths based on your specifications. 1 or 2 lane, with or without pedestrian walkways, we can build to your specific needs. A 100-ton L/360 load capacity, ensures we check off all the boxes for your next job.

Deck Options

Utilizing our reconfigurable beam pack, we can provide a variety of deck options, or combination there of.

·   FRP Composite

·   Wood

·   Steel

·   Concrete

In consulting with you, we’ll provide the most cost-effective solution in the combination of decks, and beam options.


Get A Tailored Mat Solution

Whatever your challenge, our team of experts can help you find the right matting solution for your operation.


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Why Access & Rig Mats from Canadian Mat Systems?

Trusted for over 25 years, CMS is an industry leading innovator and supplier of mat and foundation technologies to virtually all business sectors in Canada and around the globe. We have patented designed composite mats with unmatched weight bearing capacities and a team of designers that can custom design a solution specific to your needs.

Mat Material Options

  • Composite
  • Wood

  • HDPP

  • Steel

  • Hybrid

Customization Features

  • Anti-Slip

  • Interlocking

  • Weight Bearing Capacity

  • Non-Absorptive & Corrosion Resistance

  • Fire Resistance

  • Colour & Branding

Our Services 

  • Custom Mat Manufacturing

  • Mat Cleaning & Decontamination

  • Mat Rentals

  • Logistics & Installation


Elevating Industry Standards

At Canadian Mat Systems, we're dedicated to providing solutions across industries. Our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and designed solutions,  ensures optimum value, and performance. From construction to the oil industry, forestry and disaster relief, we're here to provide the solid foundation you need.

Discover the CMS difference today. Contact us to explore how our standard or customized matting solutions, and reconfigurable temporary bridges, provide you the optimum solution.


Our ongoing commitment to innovation and the communities where we operate means there is always something happening at CMS.


Take a look through our gallery of case studies to see great examples of how CMS has collaborated with its clients to create the right solution.


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