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Soil Stabilizers

Our product Info-graph below will help you determine the bearing capacity, weight and cost for each of our products and solutions. The further a product is to the right the higher the bearing capacity, the darker the colour the heavier the product. Cost is relevant from top to bottom.

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The lowest cost solution in our product spectrum. The requirement for matting is usually the result of low weight bearing soil conditions. Utilizing a soil stabilizer and increasing the bearing capacity of your soil in place may result in eliminating your matting requirement completely.

Tackling the challenges that meet our customers often means finding workable ways to make frontiers around the globe accessible. Soil stabilization is a requirement in order for the ground to be of a suitable weight-bearing capability to support the heavy equipment necessary for operation, but is an often overlooked and under-appreciated practice. CMS offers two methods of soil stabilization to fit your needs.

Permazyme Soil Stabilizer is a unique, soil-stabilizing product with the potential to significantly reduce your overall costs for road construction and maintenance, as well as greatly reducing your environmental footprint. Its ability to work with a great many soil types minimizes the need to bring in extra materials, while 15 gallons is enough for a one mile road 25 feet wide and 6 feet deep – and fully usable within 72 hours of application.

The PX300 Soil Stabilizer is capable of preparing ground for extremely durable roads, it can be used to construct paths and trails, or control dust and erosion. An environmentally friendly solution, PX300 is non-toxic and non-polluting, and above all, is extremely economical when compared to traditional methods. Its dust and erosion control is of particular note, where it only needs to be applied without any compaction, effectively sealing the surface to stop air-born dust or deterioration from erosion.

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